Two separate studies conducted in Italy reveal that a highly concentrated proprietary extract of the Calabrian Bergamot fruit (38% citrus bergamot extract, BergaMet) powerfully benefits patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  Previous research has shown BergaMet to be a powerful cholesterol and metabolic regulator that routinely improves vascular health.

Dr. James Ehrlich of the University of Colorado believes this "exciting new area of research" suggests an important additional indication for BergaMet that could improve the lives of millions. "BergaMet may be the most versatile and important natural supplement ever developed. We have been impressed by its safety and its clinical value for individuals with conditions ranging from metabolic syndrome to high cholesterol to statin intolerance and obesity. The present investigations show great promise that hepatic steatosis (NAFLD), a highly prevalent and important condition can finally be effectively addressed by a safe commercially available product."

In a study conducted by Professor G. Rosano (San Raffaelle Pisana Clinic, Rome) involving investigators from the US, Australia and the University of Catanzaro (led by Professor V. Mollace), 107 patients with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD were treated for 120 days with polyphenol-rich 38% citrus bergamot extract (BergaMet). In addition to the expected significant improvements in cholesterol levels, lipid particle characteristics, blood sugar and inflammation, there was a strikingly positive effect on both liver function and structure. Ultrasound of abdominal structures ("hepatorenal ratio") revealed a dramatic 50% reduction in liver fat, while a biochemical analysis ("steato test") demonstrated a 40% improvement in scores. Bergamot therapy converted the typical patient from severe steatosis (fatty liver) to the moderate category in 12 weeks. Standard liver function blood tests also quickly normalized in the majority of patients.

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